Saturday, 28 January 2017

Log Fires and Bead Fairies

Lots of plans for 2017.....

We recently had a nice cosy meal by the log fire, to discuss the year ahead, 
as well as enjoying a bead fairy tutorial.
 .....fairy days....(get your calendars ready).....

9th July
20th August day..... 

6th August

...cobbing..... yippee (not)....
.....reclaiming the orchard grass.....
.....planning the look for the inside of the tiny yurt.....
.....a new tortoise run.....
......a new mini-stable for the small animals.....

Oh there`s plenty to think about.
Bitterly cold weather has kept us indoors and only venturing out for short jobs.

I`ve taken the opportunity to paint one of the plastic chairs and make it a new cushion.

We are sitting in luxury in the polytunnel. Nothing like a comfy, colourful seat for the teabreak.

One more to go but not sure of the colour yet.

Paula has donated this table to us. We can fold it up when not needed.

We were thrilled to find this fantastic pile of hazel just inside the gate, which we will use for bean poles, sweetpea rows and mini-fencing.

Paula also gave us a pile of bricks, used for so many things in the garden.

Cobbing is on the cards for 2017.
Some huge chunks need replacing and the walls MUST be rendered inside and out.
We are on the look out for some building works around the village, where clay is being excavated.

Lots of work to do on restoring the orchard grass.
I envisage a small table and chairs here.

Another project will be new curtains for the little house.
We hope to choose some fabric this week.


Anne`s bead angel.

At home, our little summerhouse has finally had its day.
It was brand-new in 1990......

......soon blended into our garden....

.......went to Paula`s garden in 2007.....
.....and was demolished on Friday!!!

A great place for teabreaks and hanging dried flowers.
We have all loved it.
Now it`s keeping us warm once more!!!


Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Hearts and Fairy Kits

A lot of people who know me, will laugh at my list of new year gardening resolutions.
Here they are.....
1. I will grow less bedding plants.
2. I will cut down on the number of tomato plants that I grow from seed and the number of final plants I keep for my greenhouses.
3. I will thin out my perenniels regularly and not try to save every little bit of root or shoot.
4. I will try to keep seed trays cleaner .

So nothing to worry about Anne. 

Our annual decluttering is going well.
Our books have been honed down and better still, we have found good homes for most of them.
The very last of my school folders have been recycled.
The loft has been cleared of our old clothes with a good store kept back for scarecrows 
The patchwork fabric is well ordered.
My efforts to use the tiniest pieces continues.
Here are some of the results.

I call these the fairy carriers.


These are little fabric baskets.

Plenty of bunting.

My favourite piece of mini-patchwork.....such gentle colours.
I think this will be to make little sleeping bags for my latest mice.

Tiny little hearts.

 Steve made a toy bed and I made the bedding, inspired by the tiny patchwork. It was a great hit with the toddlers, though they did try to get into the bed themselves.

Finally I completed the fairies which came in a tin as a kit.

It was one of my most thoughtful Christmas presents.
Thank you Chris. 

We did visit the garden today. It was so cold, we collected sprouts and leeks and came home to light the fire.


Saturday, 7 January 2017

First Footing Freshwinds

A bleak, wet January morning for our first visit to Freshwinds Garden this year.
We wanted veg and to take a look at the more immediate jobs to do.
There doesn`t seem to be much point in planning big changes because ideas at the garden seem to evolve rather than be planned too far ahead and indeed this is more exciting.

Walking around the garden in January has its own beauty.
You can see the bare bones of a garden.
The birdsong is good, the moss is as green as can be with the damp, helleborus are budding up and the donkeys continue to bray to their hearts` content.

                                               Herb garden brick dividers covered in moss

The moles have been busy round the newest area. They don`t trouble me at all but I know they drive some people mad.

Lots of flower beds need work.

Not much chipped bark to go now.

The paths look great.

Looks like goose grass is seeding itself. Where did those seeds come from?

Misty views across the fields.

The pond is so full and in need of some work.

The little orchard is due for some TLC.

Despite the scarecrows still looking happy, they will be happier still with the new wardrobe I am putting together for them.

All the cushion covers came home for a wash. The two white chairs will get a make-over and the dahlias are fine under their blankets.

I brought the gladioli bulbs home to clean off.

And planted some very late bulbs from Jamie and Julia.

Enough to get the juices going......
.......but still a lot of winter jobs indoors.