Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Wrens and Rabbits

On this grey grey February day, a few photos of the animals, past and present, at Freshwinds Garden and on the farm.
I hope this will cheer you up. 
If you come to stay at Freshwinds Camping this year, there are sure to be animals around for you to enjoy.
Children and adults alike, love to see them.


Lambing season will soon be upon us.
There are two new lambs at the farm already this year.

You can often hear Rosie and Alice braying from their field, 
from sheer joy. You could be in Greece. Sometimes there are donkey rides in the summer.

One of the highlights for some lucky children, is to collect the eggs with Anne and go back to cook their own breakfast, at one of the camp kitchens.
I love to feed them worms as I`m gardening nearby. They really love worms.
I`m not sure where the chickens will be this year.

Everyone loves the pet bunnies.
They have a new home this ..... a brand-new mini-stable.
The stable will have an outside run soon .... easy to watch and enjoy.
 Some creatures are elusive. You need to sit quietly and still, on the log seats by the pond and wait for them to appear.
You will see frogs, newts, pond skaters, snails and waterboatmen.
They mustn`t be disturbed.

There are usually several nests around.
These belong to wrens....one under the eaves of the cobshed and one under an old tarpaulin.
This year we hope to add more nesting boxes around the garden.
Keep your eyes open for owls. 

The tortoises will have a new home.
I think they are going to love it.

There are always horses in the fields around the farm.
A couple of years ago we had William and Harry, the ferrets, at the garden. They don`t live there any more.
They had most unusual colourings and though a bit smelly, always caused a sensation. 
I loved to see them lying in the
hammock together.
Who knows what you will see when you stay at the farm.
And don`t forget the wildlife, especially at dusk.....wild rabbits, foxes, badgers, stoats, buzzards, and even deer have been spotted.
All waiting to be spotted in this magical place.





Thursday, 16 February 2017

Red Knobbly Nuggets and Weeds

We have had a lovely afternoon at Freshwinds.
There was some sun and it wasn`t cold.
The rabbits and guinea pigs are safely installed in their new "stable." And they look quite happy there.

I got stuck in to one of the flower beds. It was digging over nicely.
Nettle seedlings, goosegrass and buttercups.

Then we made a start on the big raised bed.
The soil was beautiful.....crumbly and easy to work. 
I had to go carefully round the iris pieces which had been swamped by grass.


Rhubarb has started.....with its funny knobbly red nuggets.

The cerinthe is seeding itself all over the place.

As we packed up to come home, the sun was sinking further round across the barn.

The sky was beautiful.

At home some welcome purchases from Aldi and Morrisons.


Might have to plant some sweetpea seeds soon.

Guess who the next scarecrow will be......

 Paula knitted the scarf and the hat came from a charity shop.
Looking for a frock coat next.


Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Bouquet for Valentine`s Day

Here is a bouquet of flowers for Valentine`s Day.

The early ones that gladden our hearts.

The spring ones that herald the start of the season.

The ones that seed themselves.

The simple ones we love so much.

The ones that come up in unexpected places and cannot be explained.

The ones we love so much.

The ones that rabbits DO NOT eat.

The ones that only cost £1.

The unusual ones.

The ones that love the sun.

The ones that the butterflies love.

The amazing ones.

The ones for late autumn colour.

And the magic ones that last for ever.


Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Nettle Stings and New Wellies

I feel as if today was the first real gardening day of the year. All previous visits have been to collect veggies or potter around a bit, but today we really got down to it.

It was VERY cold but once we got going, not so bad.
No sunshine, just a grey grey day.
Anne has been so busy on the orchard area, removing posts and leveling the holes made by the pet bunnies.
We pruned the apples and pears but we are leaving the plum and damson until May to avoid infection.
Steve got out 4 more posts and I began to dig out nettle roots. I cannot believe how quickly ground can be reclaimed by nature.

I removed the old carpet round one tree and replaced it, covering with new chipped bark. 
One down, five more to go!!

Paula and little Alfie joined us. He was very keen to get right in with all we were doing.
They went off to feed the donkeys with apples and see the cows in the barn. Then we had a welcome cuppa in the polytunnel.

The newly painted chair seems to fit in with the others....... sort of.

Steve got into some digging. The ground was crumbly 
and easy to work.
The asparagus bed was over-run with nettles.

I trimmed some shrubs and noticed quite a few need to be propped up as they are leaning into each other. Think I may try some repositioning.

Anne has been protecting the new cherries as the rabbits have had a go at the bark.

We checked out the new mini-stable and talked over the next jobs which will involve chipped bark round the new building.

The front area will be developed into a run for the pets. 

It must be spring.....I have my first nettle stings and christened the new wellies.