Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Kerry Hill Bounders

On opening the bedroom curtains today, what greeted us was a total pleasure, if it wasn`t for the fact that we are worried about getting to Gatwick tomorrow!!
A blanket of snow lay over the garden and the snowflakes 
were still swirling down.
It was just magic snuggling back down, not having to worry about driving anywhere and enjoying the view. 
We decided it would be great to see the garden in a snowy setting. 
We crunched through the fresh snow, enjoying the views to Camber and beyond, where interestingly Paula noticed, there was no evidence of snowfall.
The primroses were peeping out through the ice on the lane banks.

As we passed through the farmyard, we spotted the workmax 
under shelter.
And the tiny fairy house, half buried.
 The garden was transformed.

 We poked in the tin tub of shells to find the thick ice.
A robin flew out of the cob shed.
I expect he is looking for a nest site, but I hope he doesn`t start yet.
They told me I looked like an eskimo.

Walking back towards the barn....
....we spotted Tim, utilizing his shepherding skills.
We watched the Kerry Hill lambs, which was most entertaining.

So, despite the bitterly cold weather, it is possible to believe spring is just around the corner!!? (I think)
We trudged back in weak sunshine which became stronger as the afternoon progressed.
And now we are off to even stronger sunshine for a week.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Lambs and Log Fairies.

Surely Spring can`t be far away. Despite the sunshine, it doesn`t feel like it. Very cold indeed.
But there was plenty to keep us warm yesterday.
Steve was busy constructing the new compost heaps....
....with a new strong blue pallet to work with.
The first heap is ready to fill up now.
I continued with what is loosely called the shrub bed, though it is full of all sorts.
I completed chip barking one side of the fruit net and even weeded the cardoon bed.
We were delighted to see the first lambs in the field right next to the Owl Yurt.

Tim shepherded them into the shelter of the barn 
as the sun went down.
The donkeys were eyeing up the compost to see if there was anything worth munching.
Anne brought them in for the night, later.
I did spot one huge bumblebee....it seemed far to cold for it to be out, but there are nectar sources around.
Such a stunning colour.
Its droopy head had to be held up to see its full beauty.
Outside Tim and Anne`s bungalow, the clumps of snowdrops are in full bloom.
We stopped off to view the newest addition to the fairy trail.
It has been painted by Janet, Tim and Anne`s sister-in-law.
Every day whilst taking their dog Patch, for a walk, she had seen a tree trunk with a fascinating shape. She felt it was calling out to be a fairy so Nick sawed off a slice, she painted it and this is the result.
I think it`s lovely.
We are hoping it will be placed near the fairy palace.
Clever lady.
Thawing out at home, I just had time to admire some of our camellias, a few primroses and the promise of purple crocus.

Indoors, just enough time to put the spots on the latest stone toadstools for the fairy garden.



Thursday, 15 February 2018

Poppies and Owls

Evenings are getting lighter, clumps of daffodils and snowdrops are dotted around the village but the weather is as cold as ever.
We tried to have a picnic at Camber yesterday, but in light of the wind whipping up the sand into mini-dunes around the cafe door, we thought better of it and came home to the warm. 
Today has been sunny and we did go to the beach with a flask of tea and a bun.

Valentine`s day has come and gone.
I loved my rainbow pyramid from Steve.
One of the local garden centres had a stunning primrose display.
I seem to have been on an owl fest lately.
It began when I started to use up scraps of fur fabric from the loft.

Then I was keen to try a knitted owl.
In the end I preferred crochet as it`s quicker.
I have even been preparing owl keyrings as one of 
my holiday craft packs.
More bunting.
 This is a beautiful piece of embroidered furnishing fabric.
I was never sure what to do with it but I`m very pleased with the resulting bunting.
This one is made from deckchair canvas.
Some old furnishing swatches which I`ve turned into 
lined fabric bags.
Other canvas type fabric has been turned into pouches with poppers. They could be used for glasses or phones.
The scrap felt hangings have had pompoms added.
And finally, I have been trying out crochet poppies for the village project, to commemorate the centenary of the end of WW1.
(More later in the year.)
My sister has been knitting hers.
She`s done a lot more than me.
She ran out of black buttons for the centres so I`ve sprayed brown ones black for her.
I have plenty of brown buttons.
I will add a picture soon.