Friday, 23 November 2018

Fabric Bonanza

Recently whilst staying with my nephew and his family in Leicester, I discovered a furnishing fabric shop that sells the sample books for 50p and £1.
Well I came home loaded down .... velvets, silks, linens.

I got very excited thinking about what I could make.
It took me some time to get my head around it.
My first ideas involved patchwork so I made cushion covers.

With the linens I made lavender bags ...
 .... and with tweedy type fabrics I made mice.

 I loved making these. They are my own design.

With a single sample which cost 10p, I made a new lap cushion cover.
I have other ideas brewing.
This teddy is ready for name guessing at Frazer`s 
school Christmas fair.
I`ve made quite a few pairs of fingerless mittens but this time I have used crochet. They are warmer.
I`ve also made small crochet bunnies.

And yet more button toadstools.
Tomorrow I have a stall at the village craft fair.
Some of these things will be on sale.
I am looking forward to it.

Thursday, 22 November 2018

Introducing Florence

I thought today would be a rather dull visit as the weather was murky and grey. And the prospect of lifting all the dahlias did not fill me with delight.
What`s more I was on my own as Steve is suffering from a cold. 
I couldn`t have been more wrong. 
As I made a start on the now blackened dahlias ....
.... Anne came along and she stayed to help me.
Just as well .... the first dahlia was too heavy for me to lift over the rabbit wire.
You can see the size from the secateurs.
After we `d cut back a few more and lifted them to go into the polytunnel, Anne took me on a mysterious surprise, along the path and down to the field below the barns.
I didn`t know what to expect but then I spotted this dear little donkey.
She is a miniature and her name is Florence. She is 6 months old and came from Yorkshire.
This is my first view.
 She is inquisitive, probably looking for a treat, and nuzzled up for more petting on her head where the coat is as soft as down. The markings on her back are very distinct and the colours are amazing.
She obviously enjoys company very much.

Anne and I think she will be the star of Carols in the Barn this year.
Rosie and Alice may have their noses put out of joint.
I wish I`d had an apple for her. 
After that exciting excursion, it was back to the dahlias and I am pleased to report that, with Anne`s help, we managed to get all 31 tubers inside.
It all looks so bare.

Next time the polytunnel will need clearing as the frost caught the last few plants.

 Nicotiania continues to flower there.
 These may be the last of the indoor crops.
The garden  presents a dismal picture .......

 ..... but there are pockets of delight even now.
 Still lots to do however.

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Ten Thousand Poppies for Pett

 My sister Paula and I, have been busy knitting and crocheting poppies, along with many other villagers, for the yarn bombing of Pett Church.
The Remembrance Day service took place last Sunday and was a wonderful occasion.
 The project has been going on for a year or more and has been co-ordinated by the local Womens Institute group.
Alongside the poppy making, there has been an on-going project to renovate the war memorial. 

Here are some of my photos.

Throughout the autumn we went to coffee mornings and the Popps days to tie poppies on the camouflage netting.
It was a mammoth task.
During this time the WI asked me if they could use my poppy wreath to lay at the new memorial.
I felt very honoured.

On Saturday 10th, there was a fund raiser by WI.
The local choir group sang, there was a raffle and tea and cakes.

Steve and I visited the church for the first time that day.
What a sight awaited us.

It truly was a wonderful spectacle.

 The tiny church at Pett Level and the Methodist Chapel both had their poppies.

The next day, with the rain holding off, we walked along the 
Pett Road joining many other people making their way to the church. A great crowd had gathered for the rededication of the war memorial, which looked splendid, and the service of remembrance.
It was a very moving ceremony with the names read out, poems and buglers.

Unfortunately there wasn`t enough room in the church for everyone so we made our way home.

I have enjoyed being a part of this project and feel that it has brought the village closer together in a shared endeavour.
I feel truly thankful to those who gave their lives so that we could live in relative peace.
They will not be forgotten.