Wednesday, 28 May 2014


I am fed up with rabbits!!
There was even one in our own garden this morning. I shall need to find out where it is getting in.
Everything we plant at Freshwinds must be protected and it does spoil the look of the garden.
Last week the rabbit wire was removed from the butterfly garden....we thought it would be OK.....but today we found the lovely poppies eaten down.


This is what they would look like if they were left alone.
We have had to put black netting back around them.

Why can`t they go and eat the lovely lush grass in our mini-orchard which is just getting longer and longer.

On a more positive note
the apples are filling out.

I planted the last of my sunflowers grown from seed. Hooray.

I weeded the greenhouse beds.......

.......laughed at the calendula trying to show us its beauty......

......admired the osteospurnums.....

.....and enjoyed the way the hop is spreading far and wide.

At home I filled a pretty little jug with scabious, the first cosmos and some alliums.

We have decided to invest in 50 metres of rabbit wire and enclose all beds but will that be the answer?
Watch this space.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Our own garden

We spent Bank Holiday Sunday on the beach....a lovely day with the family, picnics and sandcastles.
In the evening I took quite a few photos in our own garden.
The light was good.

The delphiniums are at their best.

Alliums can be so diverse.

The ferns under the apple trees are huge this year.

The winter pansies are looking better than ever.

The roses are just coming into their own.


I love the way the mosaic and 
mind your own business blend together.

And not forgetting the vegetables looking good in their serried ranks, sunflowers in the background.

And through the foliage, the new adirondak chair made by Steve from old pallets.

Here it is before it was painted. It is a prototype.
Watch this space!!

Next time.....the never-ending question of how many flowerpots are too many!!!?

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Rained Off

The big plan today was to take our lunch to the garden and put the plastic cover on the new polytunnel, 
with Anne and Ian. But it was not to be. There were some very heavy downpours and they do suggest that it is done in sunshine so that the plastic is easier to handle and will stretch more.
We dodged the showers by standing in the old greenhouse and in between we weeded the whole polytunnel area.
This is what it looked like yesterday.

And here it is at the end of today.

The sun did come out in the end but by then it was too late to start.

We didn`t have time to do any strimming.

Anne pointed out how well the damson was doing. Just hope nothing gets to the crop before it`s ripe.

I am pleased with the way the helichrysum is growing but unsure how soon to take the mini-tunnel off.

I love the long grass round the pond but the levels have gone down quite a lot in the heat of the last few days.

I am very happy with the way the sedum is rooting on the insect hotel.

The next plan is to try again next weekend and I am hoping we can get the tomato plants in very soon.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

One step at a time

We have been on holiday to Tuscany and then we had a long w/end away for a family wedding.
It doesn`t take long for the weeds to take over!!

I actually weeded this area about 10 days ago.
I was determined to keep focussed on one job and managed it despite being drawn in all directions.
At home the bedding plants are desperate to be planted from their 24 cell inserts so I made that my priority.
I took French marigolds, sunflowers and statice to plant but had to clear the space first.
It was forgetmenots (myosotis)
But I got it done in the end.
All covered over, watered and slug pelleted.

I put in a few more sweetpeas in the gaps.

The strawberries were flowering well but I am 
wondering if they are a bit small.

The blackcurrants are looking lush.

Poached egg plants have seeded themselves, osteospurnums looking good, foxgloves beautiful as always and iris in the raised beds.

The alstromeria are recovering well after being trampled and eaten by the sheep.

Tim and Anne have put rabbit wire round the asparagus bed. This will make it easier to pick.

We`ll need the strimmer next time.

Potatoes and pac choi looking good.....though some need weeding.

Steve put in pumpkins and courgettes.

Have been thinking about elderflower champagne!!

All in all a good morning at Freshwinds.
Still plenty to do but one step at a time.