Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Queen Wasps and Broad-bodied Chasers

The usual type of weather for April has returned, so its back to the layered look!!
Plenty to keep us warm.
I at last, got started on the flowerbed that has been to wet too begin.
I ended up slicing weeds off, but it was great to have some good soil to go on top. Some couch grass in here so it may need a really good going over soon.
 I scattered all the rest of my home-saved love in a mist seeds which should provide a spectacle later in the year.
I managed to get another 8 dahlias in ..... only 27 still to go!!
The blossom was beautiful, mostly pear.

 The cobshed roof is colouring up.
What an array of colours.
The ones used at the edge, only recently added, 
seem to have rooted well.
The chickens were pecking around.
The herb garden sign is back outside.

I spotted a broad bodied chaser near the pond.

It is certainly a spectacular sight.
I also noticed a huge wasp on the spurge.
It might be a queen but I`m not sure.

It must be a good nectar plant.


 Some of the spurge flowers(?) are stunning.

The asparagus tips must have grown inches overnight.
We`ve had a few .... on their own and in a vegetable flan. Yummy.
The rhubarb has produced a lot of flowers which I`ve been snapping off. Rhubarb that is allowed to flower will not produce such a good harvest.
At home I`ve covered my stone toadstool with an up-turned turf and chicken wire. It took me ages to plant these sedum cuttings by slotting them in with a dibber.
I will blog a picture when the sedum thickens up.
I have also planted my first row of sweetpeas, well protected.
A new door for the fairy garden.
These little gnomes came from The Works. They were £2 each.
This week Anne and I will be hunting for the components of a new fairy palace.
Changes afoot.



Thursday, 19 April 2018

If You Go Down to the Woods

After a lovely family breakfast in the sunshine, Steve and I went for a walk in the nearby Guestling Woods. It is very close to the Freshwinds Campsite.
 The anemones (or windflowers) were at their snow-white best in the glorious sunshine. They tend to close up on dull days.
 Our twisty lane is awash with wild flowers.
We walked up to the third entrance.
From there we made our way to what we call the triangle area, closest to the farm....
 .....passing freshly dug badgers` setts.
This one even has footprints.
The bluebells were just starting to show.

Some tiny ferns had unfurled.

It was peaceful with only the sound of birdsong.
 The mosses were prolific after all the damp weather.
Maybe it is the excess water that has caused this huge oak to fall.

 The anemones were lovely but there were plenty of other wild flowers to enjoy.
 Celandines and violets.
When we were nearly home, I found a length of trimmed honeysuckle and formed it into a ring.
Perhaps it will be a summer wreath or a prop for the witch garden I`m planning.


Sunday, 15 April 2018

Mossy Sticks and Blackbird Thieves

A little bit overcast today with some light showers, but it didn`t stop us doing a few jobs at the garden.
I added a few more plants to the little nursery and planted some mini-sedums in the fairy garden.
I noticed the fairy house roof has been raided, probably by a blackbird looking for nesting material.
This may be a bit fanciful but in this photo, it looks like there is smoke coming out of the chimney.
A lovely birdbath has appeared in the garden. It belonged to Tim`s mum who passed away last year. 
I used to do her gardening and I remember it in her lovely garden .... through the rose arch, dripping with "Compassion," following the brick path to a small circular area,  self-seeded with alyssum and the birdbath in the centre ..... always very pretty.
I think it is a nice memory and it will remind me of her.
I planted two more double rows of gladioli .... how can I resist them at £1.29 a pack, from Aldi.
I got six more huge dahlia tubers in. 
I think they are mostly yellow and orange. Ha ha.
Steve scattered some old bagged soil and found a nest inside. It is an old one luckily.
A row of garlic went in.
The asparagus is just showing.
I thought I noticed slug damage so they have had 
a sprinkling of pellets. 
I am trying to work out how to cover the gooseberries to protect them from birds. I don`t think this old bed frame will be 
satisfactory after all.
On a walk with my two young nephews this morning to admire the anemones, I found this fantastic mossy stick.
It`s honeysuckle that`s twisted round another tree.
I`ve also noticed the new cobbing layer is cracking up.
Time to get some more going.
A brave carnation.
Can`t wait for the first rhubarb crumble.
I have high hopes for the old rose I moved from home.
It is shooting well. I look forward to seeing its colour.
A pink forgetmenot.

The bent willow shooting red and pale green.
I am pleased to say that things are drying out, but just look at the path through the main gate.
I am still waiting to hear the first cuckoo.
Things are beginning to take shape.