Tuesday, 1 September 2015

September Blues (and mauves and yellows and oranges)

I am trying to figure out what it is that makes today suddenly "feel" like autumn.
I know that I feel a certain sadness that summer is over, but I hope for the Indian summer as per 2014. October was hotter than August and we were still in t.shirts and flipflops.

It could be the song of the robin which is so distinctive, setting up its territory.
Or the fact that I cleared my tomato and cucumber plants.
It could be the first Michaelmus daisies....

......or the late flowering rudbeckia.

It could be the cheeky squirrels nibbling the sunflower seed before they have finished flowering.

Maybe it`s the welcome mixed vegetable soup for lunch.

Or the spring bedding. It will be a long while before it is planted in its final positions.

....the colours of the first zinnias I have ever managed to grow.....such pretty combinations.

...or the borlotti beans nearly ready to harvest......

...or interest for late summer with coleus.....

......or roses having a last fling.....

......late sowings of carrot and beetroot recently weeded....

.......compost heaps filling up rather too quickly.

All over the bare patches of garden, an interesting selection of seedlings germinating....bee borage, feverfew, verbena boniarensis. 
Today I`ve seen spring bulbs in the shops, children trailing parents round the town buying last minute uniforms and stationery.

Must be September.


  1. Lovely colours and how nice not to have that back to school feeling. I hope we get an Indian summer....🌞

    1. Yes there is nothing like it but my heart goes out to members of the family who have either started or are going to start. I`m going on holiday!!!