Saturday, 9 August 2014

The Ruby Celebrations Part 1

On August 3rd 1974 we were married at Guestling Church and we spent our honeymoon 
in Scotland in my Dad`s VW camper van. I remember there was a lot of rain but 
we were quite cosy in the VW.
So it comes as no surprise that we chose to spend our Ruby anniversary at Freshwinds Camping with the Owl Yurt, the Shepherd`s Hut and the Little House.
My sister, my nephew Toby, his wife Amanda and son Aiden, and my brother Jamie, his wife Julia and little Frazer joined us for the whole weekend.

The weather was perfect.....all we could have wished for.

On Saturday we all went to the farm to get ourselves comfy and settled in for the first part of the celebrations which was a BBQ. More relatives joined us.
Steve and I prepared the willow circle for our ceremony the following day.
What a wonderful space this is....perfect for any type of celebration such as an outdoor wedding, 
alternative training days, meditation, yoga etc etc.

Toby got the BBQ going......he can set himself to any task.

He even set up a lovely swing for us.

My newest nephew, Frazer was such a good boy.

Inside the yurt everything was comfy and cosy. What a delight these yurts are!
Anne has decorated them so perfectly.

It was a lovely evening, with patchwork blankets and cosy fleeces.

The combine harvester was busy until late, pleasing my nephews.

The decking and kitchen area of the Owl Yurt.

Later on we were all wrapped up in fleecy blankets enjoying the campfire.

Much later we retired to the Little House. Here is Steve making us a welcome cup of tea.

And this was our sleeping area for the night.....up the ladder and under the eaves.
How lovely!

A great start to our weekend.