Friday, 14 November 2014

Gardeners` Delight

It`s a bit sad when your day out, is a trip to the tip and you actually enjoy it.
We got rid of several bags of garden waste and quite a few sacks from my brother`s garden.
It was very satisfying despite the rain.

Close to the tip is a garden centre, so that was our second port of call.
Recently they have sent us some vouchers as we are club members.
The place is full of Christmas decorations and the bulbs have been squashed to one side.
I was very pleased to see they were 50% reduced.
I chose tulips, daffodils and hyacinths.

At half price this came to just under £30.
However, at the till we were pretty delighted to find that the vouchers reduced the bill to just under £7......a true bargain.

Hence Gardeners` Delight.

At home, I have been knitting ..... more finger puppets by 
monica rodriguez fuertes

Last year I made the Snow White finger puppets which my great niece Macie so enjoys.

I am also trying Alan Dart`s nursery rhyme toys

Here is Little Boy Blue who just needs a feather in his hat and two buttons on his tunic.

My sister`s neighbours Tony and Angela, have given me their contorted willow prunings.
I have used some of them to make wreaths. It was hard work on my fingers but I loved doing them.

These are place markers for Christmas dinner. No names yet. I am hoping to make the names moveable so they could be changed for another year.

And finally a sight for November....
busy lizzies STILL flowering despite one frost.

Certainly a Gardeners` Delight.


  1. Wow Jen! You're such a talented and busy person! Puts me to shame as I'm lolling here with my ipad! Brilliant!

  2. Thank you Belinda. These crafts were done over quite a long period. Planted all 290 bulbs today, I am pleased to say.