Saturday, 6 December 2014

Decorated Donkey Bridles

I don`t know whether I have some memory from childhood of donkey rides on the beach, or whether I have seen something on a holiday but as soon as Alice and Rosie got their new bridles, I wanted to make embroidered name bridle covers.
A few weeks ago, Anne showed me the bridles and I took a few measurements.

I measured the forehead strap and its width then I had to work out the way it would be attached.
I used felt and tapestry wool.

I did the names in daisy stitch and the edges with blanket stitch.
I added pom poms on each side.

A couple of extra flowers and they were done.

Last of all I added three tags with velcro to each.

Today Anne brought Alice and Rosie along to the garden wearing their new finery.
I was pleased to see that they fitted.

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