Thursday, 22 October 2015

Freshwinds October

People who visit Freshwinds for camping in the summer, must wonder what the garden is like during other times of the year.
Well I can tell you it is quite beautiful now in late October.....butterflies, bees, late colour from dahlias, cosmos, Michaelmus daisies, French marigolds....all surviving because there have been no frosts yet.


 And on Tuesday I picked over 200 heads of helichrysum, still going strong. So is the statice.


The cushioned chair in the polytunnel is so inviting but there`s no time to sit.

And there`s still lots coming in there.
Tomatoes, cucumbers, aubergines, dahlias.
We are also drying off the wonderful gladioli corms there.
These toadstools are coming up all over the garden on the chipped bark paths.

Our time there has been limited lately, due to big changes in our own garden.
Those are complete now but we are off on a late holiday next week.
After that we will be back to our usual routine, though we never seem 
to have normal weeks any more.


  1. So much colour still Jen, it looks beautiful.
    Love Gem x x x

  2. I am sorry that campers don`t get to see it when its still so lovely but the nights are getting colder.