Monday, 7 March 2016

A Five Layer Day

A productive afternoon at Freshwinds.

It was cold when the sun went behind the clouds.....what I call a 5 layer day.
I dug over an area for my sweetpea row.
Steve put in the posts and I put in the wires and canes with the help of Paula and Frazer.
Can`t believe the row is ready, as the seeds have only just been sown but it is a turning point of the year, that`s for sure.

Steve was busy breaking up the pallet wood from the old compost heaps.
The views were stunning due to the quality of the light.

I also weeded one of the flower beds.....a bit wet but I was glad to get rid of all the buttercups.

We were glad for a break inside the polytunnel for tea and buns with Jamie, Julia, Frazer and Paula.

We were very excited to see that one of the new cherry trees had been planted by Anne.

Quite astonishing to see a cerinthe in flower already.

At the side of last years onion patch, where I scattered plenty of seeds, it is good to see that they seeded themselves......candytuft and godetia.

Amazing skies as we began to tidy things away.

The skies were just as amazing at Pett Level yesterday.
A couple of miles away from the farm.

After a walk right out to the sea....low tide.....the clouds rolled over and we had rain, sleet and snow.
It was a race back to the cars.
And home to a roaring fire.


  1. Looks like a good day. I'm planning on digging my sweet pea trench this week. What do you put in the bottom of yours? I'm planning to put some torn up cardboard.

  2. I put either seaweed fertiliser or chicken manure (in granules) down each planting hole. We`ve used cardboard and shredded bank statements in the past.

  3. Oooh! Those skies! How beautiful. Yep, the sleet and snow definitely mean Spring is on its way!! What a strange country we live in :-)

    1. Yes strange indeed. Foggy misty then sunny today.