Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Florence`s Debut

The weather was atrocious, with cold wind, driving rain 
and it was very chilly.
It was hard to drag ourselves away from the cosy log fire and hot sausage rolls but we had invited friends who had wanted to come too, so we drove down to the farm.
(We usually walk with lanterns.)
 The barn has a roof but no sides and this is usually fine, as Tim stacks huge bales of straw around the edges.
The smaller straw bales are arranged as seats with cows on one side and sheep in a pen on the other.

 We had wrapped up really well and we spread blankets and made ourselves comfy.
  The trouble was we never did get comfy.
The wind blew the rain through the barn sides and the carol sheets got wet.

We went ahead and sang some carols ably led by Wendy, but we were feeling somewhat damp and cold.
The donkeys were led in with their precious cargo. The parade included dear little Florence, the new miniature donkey, who was a star, with her new headband and lights all around her.

We were all relieved when a mince pie and mulled wine break, 
came round more quickly than usual.
Tim talked to us about Farm Africa, making a rather amusing double act with Ken.

 After a few more carols, the evening wound up early with everyone happy about that.
There was just time to pet Florence and take more photos.

Well done to Tim and Anne for persevering with the evening, despite the bad weather.

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