Sunday, 11 February 2018

Passing on the Promise

In the early 1970`s, I promised my Granny to always keep the Irish linen tablecloth she gave me. My Grandad came from Ireland and I believe the tablecloth was a present from his family ...... maybe even a wedding present, but I`m not sure.
She said that it was particularly good quality.
As I was decluttering the loft, I came across it.
Over time it has developed a worn patch and has a few tea stains.

Very often, when I declutter, I reaquaint myself
 with my craft supplies and consequently get inspired by many projects .... I have had about 6 different ones on the go lately.

Well the inspiration came ....
.... I soaked the tablecloth in a mild bleach and soapy solution.
After drying, I cut it into 8 inch squares 
and made 15 lavender bags, decorated with scraps of vintage lace.

 My idea was to pass on the promise in the nicest way I could think of. With this in mind, they will be winging their way to each of my cousins, as well as members of my closer family.
Each one has a heart pinned to it with ribbon.
 If you look closely at the fabric you will see the delicate shamrock design .... a reminder of its origins. 

I found this particular craft project very satisfying.
I hope it reminds everyone of our Granny Magan.


  1. Will be arriving as soon as packed them for post. Sending to Aunty Doreen.

  2. What a clever idea. I love the shamrock motif.