Friday, 23 November 2018

Fabric Bonanza

Recently whilst staying with my nephew and his family in Leicester, I discovered a furnishing fabric shop that sells the sample books for 50p and £1.
Well I came home loaded down .... velvets, silks, linens.

I got very excited thinking about what I could make.
It took me some time to get my head around it.
My first ideas involved patchwork so I made cushion covers.

With the linens I made lavender bags ...
 .... and with tweedy type fabrics I made mice.

 I loved making these. They are my own design.

With a single sample which cost 10p, I made a new lap cushion cover.
I have other ideas brewing.
This teddy is ready for name guessing at Frazer`s 
school Christmas fair.
I`ve made quite a few pairs of fingerless mittens but this time I have used crochet. They are warmer.
I`ve also made small crochet bunnies.

And yet more button toadstools.
Tomorrow I have a stall at the village craft fair.
Some of these things will be on sale.
I am looking forward to it.


  1. What a great shop! Just right for you. What alot of things you've made. I love the mice and mushrooms.

    1. Yes it was amazing. Hoping to go back soon.

  2. Wow Jen! You never fail to amaze with your creativity. Such beautiful things and those fabric books were a bargain - well spotted!