Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Gales, Snow and Sunshine Review 2018 Part 1

As I have trawled through my unedited photographs of Freshwinds Garden for 2018, clear themes have emerged.
Cold, miserable start, followed by hot hot hot and ending up with a long drawn out glorious autumn.
So far winter has not been as cold as we would wish.
We want the slugs dead.

In January on our first visit of the year we found the sign blown down in gales.
It was soon mended.
I managed to overhaul just one of the flowerbeds.
In February Gandalf finally died.
And Janet painted a fairy for the garden on a sawn-off tree trunk.
And we did get some snow.
 In a very cold March I didn`t take any photos in the garden at all. It was a very late spring. We did manage to get seedlings going though plenty of protection from mice was needed.
In April I set up the craft trolley in the Wool Barn.
The mini fairy yurt got a new wooden base, built by Nick.
Kay`s lovely bird bath made its way into the garden ... such a nice reminder of a lovely lady.
In May Tim managed to get the self-seeded willow out of the pond. It was planted elsewhere.
Steve created a much needed new compost heap.
And the tiny fairy garden was recreated.
In June we had the first story telling and craft weekend.
It was very successful. The weather was fine.

The orchard was providing very welcome shade and most teabreaks were taken here.
If we thought it was hot then, little did we know 
what was in store.
And so ends the first half of this review.