Monday, 14 January 2019

Beating the Blues

Every year at this time, I edit my photos and discard lots.
As I trawl through them all, I can`t help but get carried back to warmer months. When the garden is so bare, it astonishes me to see the abundance that was summer. And indeed autumn.

I am actually enjoying January, so far .... a huge beach quilt on the go, a living room to decorate and on fine days, lots to do in the gardens. We`ve enjoyed walks on the beach collecting precious seaglass and myriads of shells, walks in the unusually dry woods and we`re keeping warm indoors burning all the old fencing.
So far it`s not been particularly cold but it may all change.

Here are a few of my flower pictures to cheer up anyone with the January blues.


 Wallflowers and tulips.

The wisteria over our shed. 

Oriental poppy. 

 My first sweetpeas.



 More sweetpeas, my favourite flower.

 Cosmos grown from seed.

Our front door step.


 Passion flower.



My biggest dahlia.

I dedicate this blog entry to Mary.
Hope you enjoy it.


  1. Lots of inspiration for this year's planting.

  2. Aah, that brightened the day! That wisteria - beautiful!