Thursday, 14 February 2019

Eau de Bonfire.

The weather has been delightful.
We`ve had teabreaks and lunches sitting outside.
I`ve seen bees and a single butterfly.
We had a lovely visit to Freshwinds Garden on Tuesday.
I decided to clear the gooseberry bushes as they don`t do very well.
They were riddled with nettles and chickweed but
the soil was turning over beautifully.
I`ve saved two to try in pots at home.
 We noticed the side of the barn has been removed.
It looks very different.
I neatened up the edges of the path.
Paula joined us and after a teabreak in the glorious sunshine, she set to clearing the shrubby bed.
Steve spread more manure and replaced some of the posts holding up rabbit wire.
There are so many jobs to do.
This one needs to be soon. Pruning.
The pink helleborus looked beautiful in the sunshine but I don`t think I`ve quite captured it.
 The pond is incredibly full.
At home the crocus were fully open.
 And I picked my first large bunch of snowdrops.
We`ve spent today demolishing the last of our fence at home, ready to be replaced at the weekend.
We produced the most fantastic amount of waste .... far too much for the brown bin.
So this evening we went back out at 5 and had a whopping bonfire.
Amazingly we got rid of the whole lot.
Oh it was a romantic Valentine Day, smelling of smoke after all the hard work but at least the stars were out and we were working by moonlight in the end.


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