Saturday, 9 February 2019

Lap Quilts and Stuff

My goodness its ages since I last did a blog entry.
 Where did January go?
We have been totally immersed in decorating our living room. It hasn`t been done for years. There was lots to do ... new skirting board and picture rail, new sofas and a complete new lighting system, as well as a new design for the fireplace.
We ripped out all the storage and like the space so much, we won`t be putting it back.
The problem now is to re-home the contents of the 12 drawers. 
I have been working on that one today. 
Its just "stuff."

I have managed to get all my sewing cotton into two drawers.
It took some doing but I am well satisfied.

To make this space I`ve gone through bags of loose trimmings.
I`ve collected a bag of collage bits for the nephews` school.
When I was a lttle girl I would have loved to be given this bag. 
We were always desperate for fabrics and trimmings which may account for my hoards of stuff.
I have two other projects on the go.
One is in collaboration with my brother Jamie.
He has done a tremendous amount of family history research on our ancestors. Now we are bringing the facts about my Grandad together and I am writing one of my family booklets.
, with a lot of help from him.
So far I am really enjoying it and I hope the family will too.
The other is a lap quilt probably for me.
I have knitted chevron squares for quite a few weeks now and I`m sewing it up as I go along.
It is 15 squares by 19 and just needs to be a bit bigger before I stop.

Its a great way to use up oddments of wool.
Earlier in January I made a set of bunting for Tim and Anne`s new grand-daughter, Poppy.

And I made an elephant cushion for my friend`s birthday.
 We haven`t ventured into either garden for any work as such but I notice the snowdrops are showing and on sunny days 

the crocus are out. 
We are off for some early sunshine at the end of the month which I hope will bring our decorating to a full stop.