Friday, 26 April 2019

Bundles of Fluff

I had planned to complete the tidying up in the cob shed but I had to steer clear because the three robins had hatched.
It was difficult to distinguish what is beak and what is claws.
The parents were a bit edgy so I left the door open and tackled the back of the pond. 
I didn`t clear too much undergrowth because its nice to have cover around the edge for the little creatures.
I removed old bracken, brambles and nettles.
We also cut back some of the over-hanging trees.

I planted two new roses. I think I got them in a sale for 
about £1.50 each.
The blossom is glorious, crabapple, apple and quince.

I hope the wind tonight, does not ruin it all.
The insect hotel is surviving well. I have added a few more pine cones.
 In this photo you can see clary, poppies and pansies which have all seeded themselves.
Here poppy seedlings are coming up amongst the new gladioli.
And they will be staying there.
Finally here is a picture of my icecream cone tulips, a present from our good friends.

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