Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Bee Homes and Polytunnel Ghosts

Last year at Ninfield Fete, the Scouts and Cubs had a stall where you could make your own bee home and then give a donation. I thought it was great idea but it must have taken a lot of preparation before the day. Someone worked hard.
I had a go.
Here is the result. 
This one was a gift.
Because these bee homes are proving to be so successful, especially on our south facing wall, I thought I would make one of my own.
I already had a shallow wooden box.
I filled it with sawn lengths of bamboo. The last few were hammered in to keep them all from falling out..
I am waiting for the first bee to enter.
It was fascinating to sit and watch with our nephews.
I was pleasantly surprised by how much 5 year old Frazer already knew.
On Tuesday our car boot was loaded down with things to plant.
All of a sudden it is planting out time.
I labelled all the tomato plants and did some companion planting in the polytunnel.
Meanwhile Steve got the two cucumbers in.
The tomatoes remain netted for the time being so the wavering nets look like wafting ghosts in the gentle breeze.
Nicotiania and nasturtiums in full bloom, having seeded themselves.

Anne has done a tremendous job in clearing the pond of its congestion. It looks much better.

The first sunflowers, statice and runner beans went in.
The fairies left a new sign at the Fairy Cave.
And here is a strange mystery.
The rabbits have eaten all the Love in a Mist that pokes through the wire netting, and yet......

.....they haven`t touched the ones on the path, which are a lot less trouble to reach. Very odd.

Happy days.


  1. Happy days indeed! And I see from FB that the bees have now moved in - excellent

    1. Yes I was thrilled. And it's so easy to make. I think the secret is a south facing wall.