Sunday, 5 May 2019

Tulips, Blossom and Crafts

The weather has turned very cold. In fact there has been a warning of frost .... I jolly well hope not.
Yesterday as we sat in our garden room, it actually hailed. I was very concerned for our own garden which is full of blossom, especially the apple.

 The wisteria is cascading over the shed despite cutting so much back lately.
And the clematis scrambling up the oak tree which can only be seen from one place.
 At the moment the tulips and pansies are holding court.


 These cornflowers have over-wintered. 
They are the most intense blue.
Lettuces are doing well.

Both greenhouses full to over-flowing.

Other lovely colour combinations.
And my latest crafts. Owls and alpacas.



  1. Beautiful colours - the apple blossom with the blue sky background is my fave. You have so much in your greenhouse, I'm envious, we can't risk our courgettes yet, but would really like to get started but we've had a frost this week and it looks like there may be more :-(

  2. We never did get a frost even though I was well prepared.