Saturday, 17 August 2019

Craft on the Side

I always take some craft to do whilst away on holiday. This year was no different apart from the fact that we did a lot of junk model making with the boys ..... pirate ships, miniature theatres etc.

Mine seemed to have a donkey theme.
Donkey keyrings.

 Crochet donkeys.
I have also been experimenting with crochet flowers.

Some time ago I made a round crochet bag.
I can`t decide whether to add flowers or not.

What do you think?
Another experiment is teeny tiny foxes.
He`s about 3 inches tall.
I`m hoping to give them matchbox beds.


At last I found some wooden motifs for Steve`s carved hearts.

You will find some of these on the craft trolley already.

I was very pleased with my birthday present from my brother and his family.
Each container holds a sedum or succulent.
It makes for a very colourful corner.

In fact colour seems to be the theme of these mid-August days.


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