Monday, 26 August 2019

Golden Days

Harvesting continues with apples reddening up nicely and damsons softening. The first damson jam is made.

Sunflowers continue to flower.
One of the scarecrows has her feet surrounded by pumpkins and her head swathed in sunflowers. 


There are some new plants on the nursery table.
The elderberries are ripening.
The flower beds are still looking good even though some growth needs clearing.

The cobshed needs some work before winter, but the sedum roof looks incredible.

The big bunny enjoys some willow ..... his favourite.
Rosie looks on.

Bees and butterflies enjoy the buddleia.

Lots of colour around.
Lots of visitors around enjoying the warm days and the tranquility of the garden and farm.
Golden days.

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