Monday, 11 May 2020

Strange Tale of the Runner Beans

Two days ago I was in a sundress toasting in the garden. Today its been back to three layers including a fleece and thick socks.
The truth is it was so darned cold that we came home from Freshwinds an hour earlier than usual.
I had taken a tray of perenniels to put in the flowerbeds and I had hoped to get in the last dahlias but I did neither.
I labelled a few tomatoes.

We had a teabreak!! Inside. 
Did the watering.
Took a few pictures for this blog entry.
And came home.

And here is the strange tale of the runner beans.
We have had a lot of trouble getting our runner beans to germinate. They have been rotting off.
Steve decided to sow some straight into the beds in the polytunnel, not expecting much.
Lo and behold every single one has come up.
We don`t understand it.
They get lots of care at home. Perhaps neglect is the answer.
The raised bed is coming along with turnips, beetroot and carrots.
Elsewhere around the garden there is plenty of colour.

 And the sweetpeas are really starting to move.
I left them protected due to high winds and a cold night coming up.
 Bring back the warm days!


  1. Lovely colours and glad the beans decided to germinate when left to fend for themselves!

  2. It was too hot for the beans Jen. Our first lot rotted off and the later sewings were fine. Looking forward to seeing the beans with my own eyes - fingers crossed for July!!

    1. Polytunnel ones are away but another lot rotted off again. Most peculiar. Feel like I am losing the plot. Tee hee.