Thursday, 19 November 2020

Blue Skies and Straw Flowers

What a beautiful morning at the garden, slightly colder but stunning views to Paul McCartney's windmill.

I completed the 1st flowerbed, begun last time.

The other day Paula made a start on the 2nd flowerbed cutting back Michaelmus daisy. Today I began thinning them out. They have virtually taken over the bed.

              I got halfway.

Here is what still needs doing.

And after that three more beds. My work is cut out for the rest of November.

Steve began digging a veg bed and found stray potatoes. 

He also made a start on the raised bed.

Who can believe that I am still picking straw flowers in mid-November!

The pond is full, covering the mini-beach.

Dahlias and roses continue to flower.

The donkeys and goats grazed in the sunshine and we enjoyed the warmth in the polytunnel, where things keep growing.

All in all a perfect morning.

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