Thursday, 5 November 2020

November News

It was a beautiful sunny November day. I started off in 4 layers but was soon down to two. We had our 2nd frost. Interestingly none of the dahlias had blackened.

My plans changed as soon as we got there.
There is now guttering all along the barn to catch run-off water for the huge tank.
As well as that, a road was being dug out leading to the yurts. Heaped up at the sides were lovely piles of topsoil which is available for the garden ..... hooray.

The michaelmus daisies blocking our way to the polytunnel, needed to be sorted so I got going on those, thinning them out as well. Then I dug over the smaller bed, spread some topsoil and covered with carpet.

We sat in the sun toasting, for our teabreak.
When Paula came she picked the helichrysum heads which need a good drying out and she dead-headed
dahlias. Still going strong.

The quince had all but disappeared with only a couple of tell-tale signs. Looks like they fell because they were ripe and they've been chewed.

The self-seeded clary  is flowering away.

The sedum troughs went indoors.

The polytunnel is surprisingly colourful.

We went home with the very last pumpkin, a couple of leeks and tomatoes.
All in all, a lovely visit, but only serving to tell us how much there is, still to do.


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