Sunday, 26 October 2014

Fungi, Flowers and Still Harvesting

We `ve had a couple of days away with my nephew in Leicester, followed by me having a heavy cold so it`s been quite a while since we have been to Freshwinds.
The yurts were taken down yesterday, so there was a tinge of sadness
but there is still so much colour, it`s quite amazing and gladdens the heart.

Who would ever have believed that helichrysum would still be 
flowering so well now at the end of October.

The fungi were quite startling both in form and colour.

 I made a start on weeding the raised bed ready for forking over.
I had to keep the docks and nettles separate in order to burn them.

And I made a start on the path alongside the barn.

There were lots of dahlias to pick.

The house is full of vases of them.

Lavender is still flowering.

Apples have come into bud!!

And there`s even some Romanesque after their bad start.

An eclectic mix of veggies..... I think it would be a good mix on one of those cooking programmes where contestants are given an odd mixture of things to make into a meal.
Apparently there is a new APP into which you give any 3 ingredients and it will come up with a recipe.
I have not tried it.

Down by the little house, a couple of red campions still flowering.

At home I have made small bottles of rosemary olive oil. The tiny bottles came from a shop we discovered in Maidstone called Tiger.....very reasonable too.


  1. I'm wondering whether I should grow some helichrysums next year so I can have cut flowers over winter

    1. Helichrysum seem to grow better at Freshwinds than they do in our own garden. They are easy to raise from seed. They are annuals. I cut the heads as they are about to open and leave them to fully dry in baskets in a warm place. At this time of the year it is in the airing cupboard. This year I have threaded them on organza ribbons and made floral headbands. I have also made confetti. They keep their colours really well. They are still flowering but a heavy frost will finish them off. Could be worth trying some in a polytunnel.