Friday, 24 April 2015

Ajuga and Asparagus

We have had two visits to the garden in the last few days. We could do with some rain.
I took some perenniels to plant but decided to wait til the ground is damper.
I planted a rather sparse row of sweetpeas due to half of them having been eaten by mice.
I`ve got another couple of packets in this week to fill up any spaces later.
I planted a row of odd pieces of dahlia tuber and covered it with the cloche.

The blossom was particularly good.

The garden looked lovely in the sunshine.

We picked the first asparagus and it was delicious.




Our last job today was to have a good clear out in the polytunnel.
We threw out a lot of torn fleece and tatty netting.
Steve washed all the plastic last time using a soft brush and washing up liquid.
It looked much better and ready for the next bout of planting.

I have an idea for this side which will help us keep things tidier.

Gandalf has survived the winter but he`s fallen over twice in the wind, despite 
a huge building block on the base.

Keeping my fingers crossed for rain tonight.

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