Saturday, 11 April 2015

The Frogs are Back

The frogs are back.....
well I haven`t actually seen them but I heard at least five splashes 
as I planted the gunnera by the pond. Hooray.
I am very pleased.
Here is the new plant. I`m taking no chances with the rabbits.
This roll of thin wire netting came from the pound shop. 
Perfect for new planting.
Wonder how big the gunnera will get.

I spent the rainy morning sorting all the crafts for the Wool Barn.
They are displayed on this lovely trolley (thanks Anne)

My next project is some new bunting to decorate it.
Here is a closer view of the crafts.

My main job was to continue protecting the flower beds with a temporary net curtain barrier.

The billowing white clouds matched the billowing white nets.
Anne, Hollie and Dave had just completed the new pet`s corner round the orchard.
Each tree has a wire net tube to protect the bark and there is a custom-built entrance from the path.

Steve enclosed another bed for vegetables.

Just look at the weed seedlings!!! Bit of hoeing next time I think.

I planted two new gooseberries in the raised bed.

I wonder if rabbits eat gooseberries!!
Got to keep a look out for gooseberry sawfly larva.
I can`t remember what these are.....they smell a bit like celery.
Magnificent magnolia against a blue blue sky.

Just before we came home, we went to see the lambs with no mums.
I`m not sure but we think these are the six babies born to one mum.
The only reason I`m guessing, is because they all look alike and there are six!!!
Home for a green mint tea and this is my view of just some of our camellias from the garden room.


  1. It's all looking great Jen. It has all come on so well over the past few years, you would never think it were the same garden, the hard work is paying off and it really shows :)

    I still can't get over that ewe with the 7 lambs, what a girl hey x x x

  2. Thank you Gemma. It feels good to know we can plant things without worrying about the rabbits.