Saturday, 4 April 2015

Forgetmenot Blue

On the way to Freshwinds today, I didn`t know whether to watch the lambs with their mums in the field, or to watch the buzzard wheeling overhead.
Such cold weather for an April Easter.
We were wrapped up to the nines yet again. It was warmer at the beginning of March.
I wanted to check on the broad beans planted last time and they were fine behind the wire netting.
Also the two new perenniels, a helleborus and a spurge, which are supposedly rabbit proof. They were both fine......fingers crossed.

Steve picked a good bunch of broccolli for our Easter meal. It has been doing well since I covered it to protect from marauding pigeons.

The forgetmenots are just coming into their own, a sea of blue to come.
They are very pretty close up.
One has even grown in the polytunnel.
I left it there.

The magnolia stellata is flowering for the first time.
I am pleased that it has established itself because it came from 
our own garden.....too crowded in its position there.

i collected the unwanted weed from around the pond and couldn`t fail to notice the kingcups.
What a splash of welcome colour.

Steve removed the protective fleece from the onions now that they are enclosed.

The chives are doing well under the old freezer drawer.

The palma violets in the orchard are thriving.....another rabbit proof plant, I would say.

The rhubarb is doing so well, that I have cradle-snatched.....couldn`t resist.

At home the tubs and pots around the front door, are looking lovely despite the cold snap.

Roll on some sunny weather to get our seedlings going in the greenhouses.

A very happy Easter to all my followers and readers.

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