Friday, 15 January 2016

Sea Changes

One thing guaranteed is that the beach at Pett Level will change.
The rough seas and high winds ensure the constant shifting of the shingle eastwards.
Every year the dumper trucks parade along the top of the seawall loaded down with tons of the stuff.
I hope the truck drivers can get some satisfaction from knowing that they are saving the homes of Pett Level and Winchelsea from flooding.

The foaming sea was crashing onto the beach with tremendous noise and strength.
So energising.

Two days later we walked out on the crisscrossed sands in glorious sunshine, with my nephew Frazer and Jamie and Paula.

Frazer loved exploring the rivulets and learnt how to throw stones into the rock pools.

We viewed the latest rock falls from the cliffs and explored the tideline for myriads of shells.

We made our way back to the car with rosy cheeks glowing.

A local artist, Annie Soudain, has captured the essence of Pett Level in much of her work.
Here is a link to see her work.

Talking of waves.....I have recently heard about a lumiere installation in Durham.
It is completely made out of seaglass collected from the beach by many family groups.
The beach is covered in seaglass from a Victorian glassworks which emptied their waste into the sea. 
Wouldn`t I just love to walk along that beach at Seaham!!!


  1. Lovely photos of the beach at Pett. I think I might go beachcombing now it has stopped raining.

    1. See if there is any seaglass on your beach.