Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Fairy Garden in a Trailer

Earlier this year Anne cut the top from the old chicken run trailer and we created a new fairy garden in it.
It was filled with polystyrene pieces to keep it light, with a layer of soil on top.
Last week it was a blank canvas 
.....always a bit daunting.
This week.....well you can read all about it.
We stood around our "blank canvas" and wondered where to start.
So this is what we did.
We scratched out a winding path with a twig.
We decided where the little house would go.
We lined the path with little glass pebbles and put a layer of builders sand in between.
The path has now been laid with very fine shingle.
The tiny crochet toadstools, I made some time ago.
They are glued to long kebab sticks to keep them stable.
Next we gathered some plants.....sedums, lobelia, campanula.....things that will stay small.
There are also a couple of larger ferns to help with the feeling of smallness.
I made two tiny fences by cutting thin bamboo canes into lengths and winding tightly with wire at the top and the bottom.
Here it is in the foreground.
I used quite a lot of the plant "Mind your own business." 
And I found renewable sphagnum  moss and stuffed that into the corners and round the edges.It remains to be seen what happens to that over a period of time.
Steve made me the little house and I made an incredible mess round my living room sorting through all the materials I wanted to use to decorate it.

 I used pale green chalk paint for the walls, a hanging basket liner for the thatched roof and various glittery bits for finer detail.
The whole lot was spray-varnished several times which should help to make it more weather proof. 
We also added an arch...
....a swing.....
......and a hammock.


Several little fairies were dotted around, as well as a tiny wheelbarrow that Anne found which I filled with tiny artificial flowers.
The final addition today was the gypsy caravan, made by Steve from a log. I decorated this last night.

It is funny to think that this time last week, the trailer was our "blank canvas."
Now here it is waiting for people, especially children, to enjoy.
I am reminded of the walks to my Granny`s house, passing by gardens with gnomes and tiny ponds....they were eagerly anticipated and delighted us children.


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