Thursday, 11 January 2018

Ghostbuster Games

I have a 4 year old nephew who is nuts about Ghostbusters.
With that in mind I decided to make him a proton pack for Christmas.
There were plenty of ideas on Pinterest.
I had one or two rules to stick with....
1. He could get it on and off himself.
2. It looked authentic.
3. It had a "gun" and slot.
I gathered a pile of junk materials and just started sticking with brown parcel tape.

Steve had pipe insulation which was perfect for the "gun" and a Pringles tube to place it in at the side. Various bits of tubing and beads completed the base.
I just happened to have two pieces of black webbing which I threaded through and they just clicked into place.
Next I did cover the whole thing with papier mache....just a thin layer using tissue paper.
It was sprayed with black stove paint and then I stuck on various Ghostbuster stickers which I downloaded from the internet.

It was finished in time for Christmas.
On Boxing Day he received it, and we spent most of the afternoon playing ghost hunts.

Here is Frazer wearing it for the first time.
It is bearing up well under use. I think my brother has had to poke a smaller tube back in.
On the whole quite a success.
A week or so later I made a ghost catching box to go with it.

I gave it 2 red cord handles to make it easy for him to carry.
This has now become part of the game as well. 

Whoever would have thought that I would be playing Ghostbusters with two very excited little boys on Boxing Day!