Saturday, 13 January 2018

Silent Soldier Arrives

Having got way-laid with house matters, and knowing that once we had got a taste of outdoors that would be it, we made our first visit to Freshwinds Garden for 2018.
We walked and sat in the polytunnel for a cuppa.
In the lane the catkins were out and a single primrose.

The sheep were steadily grazing with the joyous donkeys kicking up their heels on the far side.
In the garden Anne has been working on a new tunnel for rabbits and guinea pigs to explore.
I checked on the dormant dahlias and they all look safe and untouched by any rodents.
Anne joined us and we began discussing ideas for this year.
This will be the new witch`s garden.
I was inspired by a single picture on Pinterest.
More to follow.
Bits of sedum, not yet well-rooted, have been found on the ground after high winds.
 The helleborus is beginning to flower.
On the way home Tim was unpacking the Silent Soldier he has purchased. This is a scheme run by The Royal British Legion, whereby individuals or businesses can purchase a silent soldier to be placed on roundabouts, in fields or by roadsides to commemorate those who lost their lives or came home "silent" from WW1. Tim hopes to put it in the village.
As we trudged up the lane in the last of the watery sun, we met Lizzie, Tim and Anne`s niece, with 29 year old Chelsea. They had been out for some exercise.


 At home the pots of pansies are a welcome splash of colour. DARE this piece of ground elder show its face in our newly refurbished rose garden!!!
Incidently, we had a nice lunch at the Winchelsea Beach Cafe, also newly refurbished. I highly recommend it. Friendly service and good hot food.
A great place to visit if you are camping at Freshwinds this year.


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