Monday, 17 September 2018

Eat the Rainbow

A colourful diet leads to good health, so I`ve been told.
At the moment it is hard to do anything other than eat colourful food. Just look at this.

The light today has been incredible, especially for photography.

I sometimes wonder if this isn`t the most colourful time of the year.

It is just as if the garden is having a last glorious fling before true autumn comes.
Today has been a veritable Indian Summer Day.

There is fruit still ripening.

The purple Michaelmus daisies are crowding out the garden much to our delight.


Tortoises continue to munch on fresh lettuce.
Bees are still busy on the borage.

I look on these wonderful days as a gift .... days to remember when the autumn sets in.
And as an added bonus, we even had a swim in the sea today.



  1. I always found Autumn a bit depressing, but this part of it, this year at least, is really beautiful!

  2. Well there is a poignancy about it. So much to do in both gardens. You look as if you are really getting on with it.