Friday, 5 October 2018

How Long Can it Last

We are enjoying the Indian summer as promised.
Today we have been in t.shirts and roasting in glorious sunshine.
I was just about to say that the garden was sooo peaceful, but on second thoughts it wasn`t.
Tim was busy rolling the yards with new roadstone and widening the track round to the garden.
There was a keening buzzard swooping low over the donkey field, where Rosie and Alice let out an occasional braying.
I wonder what the buzzard had spotted. They are usually so much higher.
The garden itself was buzzing with the most amazing number of insects .... bees of all kinds, hoverflies, Peacock butterflies and dragonflies. Most of all they were enjoying the Michaelmus daisies.

 I picked some pears. I`ve been waiting for them to ripen enough.
The three chicks have grown so much and were busy exploring the garden. They got to this dropped pear before me.

I also picked six perfumed golden quince which just fell away in my hand. We are thinking of trying quince gin.
Anne is going to try quince jelly.

I carried on digging the raised bed and Steve came along behind with barrowloads of manure. We are hoping to cover completely with old carpet to keep the weeds down.

There is a kind of misty haziness over the photos taken today, which makes for an even more magical look.

I am loving the colour palette of the M.daisies.

Fungi continue to thrive. They come and go so quickly.

Moles have been busy. They do not worry me. Some people get quite upset about their lawns being ruined. Not me.

Oh my goodness the dahlias. They are really doing their thing.
On Wednesday I took 7 bunches to the village coffee morning, run by Tim and Anne. They sold like hotcakes I am pleased to say.

Poor old Doctor Who fell over and was taken indoors a while ago.
Today the friendly witch went inside.
All the scarecrows come inside for the winter.

There are so many jobs to do I have to keep the blinkers on.
The weeds continue to thrive.
Runner beans are doing well.
The cucumbers are finished.
Caterpillars are munching through the cabbage family.

A beautiful time of the year, during which we make the most of the warm sunny days wondering how long can it last.


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