Monday, 22 October 2018

Fat Bottomed Girls

There is a predominance of orange and yellow in the 
autumn garden.
The deep mauves of the Michaelmus daisies have moved on
(and there`s plenty of them to thin out this season) 
We have been away for a week and are astonished to find so many tomatoes still ripening.

I have moved the special bits and pieces from the fairy garden for the winter. All the new planting is doing well.
Steve was spreading manure.
Tim asked us if we wanted more.
Yes please.
I have been trying to neaten the bed edges.
It`s not easy with the wire netting.
I`ve pulled up some sunflowers but these are going on and on.
The dahlias are amazing. Seven bunches for POPPS tomoroow, our local old folks project.


I forgot to pick the quince before we went away.
Blackbirds have been having a feast.

The pond has been very low with no rain for ages.
I filled it up a bit and began cutting round the edges.

Much to still give pleasure.
Including our fat-bottomed girls.
 If you came camping in the summer, you may remember them as little chicks.


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