Monday, 29 October 2018

Golden Apples and Raspberry Delight

Well we have had our first frost. 
Luckily all my geraniums are all inside and the cuttings are taken.
Various fuchsias are inside and I am trying to save the osteospurnums that I grew from seed. 
Huge plants.
Fingers crossed.
Nothing has blackened yet which is just as well.
I have been trying to label all the dahlias whilst they are still in flower. Not an easy job as the growth is phenomenal.
Lots of changes at the garden and farm. 
A new raised bed is being built just outside the garden, alongside the fairy garden.
Cosmos continue to flower along with this incredible sunflower.
I must look up the name again.

 We cleared the aubergines from the polytunnel and cut back the jasmine. I am thinking it may soon have to be dug right out as its becoming a nuisance and for some reason never flowers.
 Tomatoes are still ripening so high that we can`t reach them.
 Tobacco plant and petunias have seeded themselves.

The last of the gladioli are inside now.

 If it wasn`t for the fact that I would want them in different places next year, I think they could be left in the ground.
I didn`t realise that we had so many.
Steve has covered more ground with old carpet which keeps the weeds down.
Likewise the raised bed where it is clear.
Nearly all the leaves are down in our little orchard.
And what a sight the crabapples are.


The bunnies were preferring to stay indoors today.
And tonight we had raspberries for our dinner,freshly picked from our own garden. 

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