Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Biting Bunnies and Bursting Buds

Well, today is the Spring Equinox and there has been a very distinct feel of Spring in the air.
Is it the birdsong?
Is it the two frogs plopping into the pond or the first kingcups opening?
Or a pot of violets whose fragrance fills the air when they are touched?
Perhaps it is Tim and Anne, trundling by on the workmax, laden down with the yurt contents, making them cosy and comfy for the first campers, due on 1st April.
Could it be that the first tortoise has woken from his Winter sleep?
(The other two are still dozing.) 
Well who knows? It is just in the air.
I think the garden is beginning to look ship-shape though I do have to blinker myself and stick to the jobs I`ve planned.
 Everywhere I look there seem to be tasks that are fairly urgent so it is a matter of which is the most pressing.

There`s a predominance of yellow.

Buds are bursting.

Bunnies are biting.
 Beds are being planted.
Onion sets are in.
Oh yes we`re definitely all go, here.


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