Sunday, 31 March 2019

Getting Ready

Where did the first three months of the year go?
Here we are on the verge of April and the first visitors are due tomorrow.
One of the scarecrows has had a make-over.
She was in dire needs .... a new head, a new hat and new clothes.
I suppose I should say recycled.

She`s still indoors so far.
I used to wear my hair in plaits but they weren`t mauve!
Today I set up the craft stall in the Wool Barn.
Some new crafts and some old favourites.
I put the finishing touches to the fairy garden, having found a gnome 
and a frog in local charity shops.

Most of the special pieces are stored indoors over the winter but the bare bones of the miniature garden are now well established.
I use spaghnum moss to fill in the awkward corners.
My last job of the morning was to plant up another seven huge dahlia tubers in the raised bed.
 Around the rest of the garden the kingcups are glorious.
The forsythia, strangely out of fashion at the moment, is a wild splash of sunshine even on a dull day.
The artichokes are budding up and what buds.
The damson is in blossom.
There is jam for sale in the Wool Barn from last years fruit.
 And finally two of the tortoises are awake and trundling round quite happily.
We are all looking forward to the first visitors.



  1. Glad to see the tortoises up and about!and I like the colourful scarecrow.

  2. Your craft stall looks very enticing and I love the fairy garden, especially the ladder, so cute.
    Lucky visitors with so much to discover

  3. Thank you. Easter chicks are gone already.