Saturday, 8 June 2019

A Scarecrow in the Bed

A lot of my latest crafts have been made using the samples I was given a few weeks ago.
The lovely velvet samples are perfect for bean bags in a range of colours.
The owls have been made with the tweedy fabric.
And the over-the-shoulder bags and small purses are also samples.
My nephews` school summer fair has a theme of mermaids and pirates so I`ve made dolls to raffle .


The patterns are taken from one of my old books. A bit old-fashioned but I hope they appeal for that reason.
A few felt alpacacs.

Some soft pompom hedgehogs.
And then there`s the scarecrow head.
Jan and Julie asked me to make a head for a scarecrow. They want a new one at their allotment.
They came to stay at one of the yurts to help with the animals this week. When Anne prepared their yurt she put the head in one of the beds making it up with pillows to form the body.
When they arrived they got a bit of a shock but they were very pleased.
At a boot fair recently I bought a new packet of 1,000 rose petals.
I sewed these in two layers round a piece of thick felt and placed a pompom in the middle. It made a large flouncy flower.
An easy idea which took a bit of time to come into fruition.
That`s why I`m sharing it.
Anyway Jan and Julie many thanks for the bottle of wine. 
very kind.



  1. Thanks Jen, "Blossom" arrived home safely and is currently enjoying the view from the bedroom window!!

  2. Ha ha. Can't wait to see her new outfit. So nice to see your comment on here.