Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Green Beetles and Fallen Poppies

We`ve had a great deal of rain in a very short space of time.
When the sun does shine it is a double blessing
And the insect life has been truly amazing.
Bees are so easy to see and hear but there are many many other very interesting insects around. You just have to spend a bit more time looking slowly and quietly, camera at the ready.


This is an Adur beetle on the erigeron daisies.
Take a closer look at its extraordinary back legs.

The poppies had been blown around in the wind and rain and I spent quite a while trying to rescue them. Their petals in all shades of pink through to red, are like tissue paper and just as fragile.

In the background you can see the beans starting to climb.

Here we have a teasel which has seeded itself right next to the tortoise run and in one of the veggie beds a very strong self-seeded sunflower is flourishing. In fact it is doing much better than any I have raised from seed.
One thing I have learned in this garden. If  something does its own thing, as far as possible let it be. It always pays off.
Unfortunately the fabulous oriental poppies that did just that, were blown right out of the ground. It was possible to see how much the potatoes had been compromised because of the poppy`s lush growth. I rescued some of the very ornamental seedheads and they are drying in the polytunnel.
We`ve had several tiny cucumbers.
Last night Steve made our own tzatziki to go with courgette fritters and salad. I enjoyed it very much.
The bigger cucumbers
are coming too.
The tomatoes are well away.
At home I have started disbudding the dahlias. Soon it will be time to start on these. There are patches all over the garden.
I was very glad that we had tied the sweetpeas before the rain.
Other things we are enjoying at the moment ....

We will have to be prepared for incredible growth after the rains and that includes weeds.
We did need the rain though.

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