Sunday, 23 June 2019

Jam and Donkeys

Oh the joy of the June days ..... hot, sultry, buzzing with insects, and with the abundance of harvesting just beginning.
Cucumbers ....
..... raspberries ....
...... and the resulting jam, everyone`s favourite.
Last week Anne and I sat together in the polytunnel, arranging wild flowers in a pair of walking boots, for the church Flower Festival.
The completed displays were somewhat unrestrained and we thought they looked "alright."
 We left them outside because the heat was building up.
Anne went off to prepare one of the yurts and we came home.
In the meantime the displays fell over in the wind!!!
The two displays did not get to the church until 8 a.m the next day because Anne had to titivate them a bit.
I heard later that they had caused some interest and someone had even wanted to buy them. 
We found this very amusing. 

I have given the hedge its first trim and was very grateful to my sister Paula, who raked up all the trimmings.
I tried to keep the caterpillar shape.

It`s amazing what you learn from visitors.
I had a lovely chat with a mum and her two very polite and friendly boys. We sat by the pond as I fished the ever expanding blanket weed from the surface. We were all thrilled when a small newt crawled out and made its way back to the pond.
The family were German and came from Bavaria.
I learnt that cows were kept indoors all year there.
I was also interested to hear that gardens are planted differently with large spaces between plants. This means a lot more weeding.
Our flower beds are profuse, spilling out from all sides.
The only weeding I do at this time of the year, is to remove those that just happen to grow taller than anything else.

And at home I`ve been crocheting donkeys.
There are some in the little shop already.
Happy days.

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