Thursday, 18 July 2019

Scrambling Sweetpeas and Home-made Gifts

If you are camping at Freshwinds, don`t miss the craft trolley which is in the Wool Barn next to the garden.
There are home-made crafts at very reasonable prices and home-made jam using fruit from the garden.

Today we have some welcome rain for the gardens but it is not that welcome for people on holidays.
We have been leaving the watering until later in the day at this time of the year.
The garden has a charm of its own in the late afternoon.
We are harvesting cucumbers and courgettes and picking sweetpeas and dahlias.

There is a great deal of cutting back going on as things finish and other plants get more room to take over.

The white everlasting sweetpeas are particularly good this year. I have just let them scramble anywhere.
There is a great deal more clearing to do and compost heaps to sort out but it will all get done in the end.


  1. Looks beautiful and some proper rain - how welcome that is! We had a bit overnight but I expect it's dried out by now.

  2. Yes it was very welcome. Pumpkins were suffering most.