Sunday, 7 July 2019

Snakeskins and Baby Goats

June has come and gone in a flurry of rain and very hot weather.
The gardens are a riot of colour.
Now here we are in July with many eventful happenings going on.
Our very good friend Alan, died. He was a master woodturner and he will be sadly missed by all friends and family.
My new great-nephew was born. He is called Hugo and he is a beautiful baby of course.
There are two new additions to the Freshwinds menagerie ..... two baby goats.
Miranda joined our family of scarecrows.
One of the most exciting wildlife events in the garden is the discovery of this snakeskin in the polytunnel, spotted by my sister, Paula.
Did this huge grass snake hibernate in the polytunnel?
I have seen him many times usuaully on hot, sultry days when its a bit damp, around about the compost heaps.
And we found this one having a leisurely swim around the pond.
This one is smaller. Hope he`s not looking to have our pretty green frog for tea.
It`s great to see this kind of wildlife using the garden.
Harvesting continues. 
Capsid bugs are still mating. 
The garden looks very pretty in many areas.

Other areas are in dire need of clearing.
I have cut most of the willow and I`ve been making green wreaths.
The side path that runs along the barn needs clearing too.
It hardly looks like a path.
There are many visitors enjoying the delights of 
Freshwinds Camping.
This is the very busy season.



  1. Yes, it's hard to keep up with blogging with so much activity outside! The weather has been perfect for flowers this year

  2. We thought it might be an idea to open the garden next year in June or the beginning of July. It is a good time.