Sunday, 7 July 2019

Miranda the Mermaid

On a cooler day a couple of weeks ago, I did at last get going on Miranda. Her component parts had been around for some time.
Anne ordered a shop dummy, a beautiful shimmering dress and a wonderful wig.
We removed the legs and Keri painted glittery scales on her skin.
The dress was laced all up the back with ribbons. Her arms and head fell off several times during the dressing. I have taped around the join to secure them.
I stuffed the tail of the dress with stuffing from our old sofa, so for all those who wondered what on earth I was keeping it for .... there you go. It was exactly the right size.
She sat in the polytunnel for about a week.
A fish out of water.
On the day I got this far, there was a lovely family in the garden enjoying the tiny yurt and its contents.
I told the little girl to go and peek in the polytunnel as she would be the first person to ever see Miranda.
Later the mother told me that the little girl`s granny had died recently. They had both loved mermaids and had often played mermaid games together. Seeing Miranda was just what she had needed.

A few days later I was in my favourite haberdashery shop and spotted some trim which made an ideal necklace for her.
Along with an old mother of pearl pendant on a string, this completed her outfit.
After securing her wig, we wheeled her along to the blue bath causing a few laughs with visitors on the way.
 Here she is in the bath by the garden entrance.
There will be a few more finishing touches with sand, rocks and shells and we are hoping to secure her sitting position to display her lovely dress more.
If you come to stay we hope you enjoy our new addition to the scarecrow collection.


  1. Haha, that is a little bit freaky :-)

  2. She looks even better now as she has had a "beach" created for her.