Tuesday, 3 September 2019

The Day of the Damsons

The Day of the Damsons came and went.
I wasn`t expecting to pick any today but seeing them on the tree we did not want them to go to waste.
There were 5 and a half pounds.

 We are still able to prune the damson and it is in dire need of some trimming. Its branches are surprisingly spiky.

I bunched up about six lots of dahlias for the coffee morning tomorrow. Such colours. I chose the right coloured t.shirt I think.

Once at home I got stuck into jam making.
I really am down to my last few jam jars so its an eclectic mix of all shapes and sizes.

Here`s some I made earlier.

Thank goodness Hayley bought me some new labels.

The tomatoes are coming thick and fast.
We`ve made a lot of tomato sauce.

But this is a most peculiar one. 
It would certainly win a prize for strangest vegetable.

The courgettes have done well.

The cucumbers after initial incredible crops have fizzled out altogether. And our aubergines have not been good. 
Very disappointing.

The last pumpkin is still growing.
I will keep you informed of its weight but at the moment I`m not sure how we will get it home, let alone lift it.



  1. Wow! That crazy tomato!! I've never seen anything like it! Love that photo with the dahlias

  2. And now we are having to buy tomatoes in Cyprus!!!?