Tuesday, 22 October 2019

A Sunny Bunny

Southern England has had 165% of its usual October rainfall which is probably why we squelched round the garden last Friday.
And also the reason why our autumn jobs are taking so long.

We had a very short visit between showers.
The sun shone. 
The turkeys gobbled. 
A wren dive bombed my head as I took photos.
The rabbit was sunning itself.
The dahlias were waiting to be picked. 

We collected a small trugful of tomatoes and peppers that had ripened off.
Amazing for mid-October.
The cob shed basked in the sunshine.
So far this autumn there has not been a chance to renew any of the cob that`s needed.
 The tiny fairy yurt has been packed away for another year.
The compost heaps continue to wait for our undivided attention!!!
Our outdoor seating area is smothered with self-seeded forgetmenots. I will be leaving them to do their own thing.
This area is set for great changes but hopefully the plants will survive.

Lots of clearing still to do.
Perhaps we will get some unbroken days at the garden before October is out.



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