Wednesday, 30 October 2019

New Fences and Birthdays

What a lovely day we`ve had.
After many autumn days of rain, waiting to begin this job, a good one came along and linked up to the fact that we could all be there.
And what`s more it was Rachel`s birthday.

The fencing was a freebie from my nephew Toby but all the extras cost quite a bit!!!
When we brought the fencing over on the huge trailer, it was the end of a very busy day for us.
What`s more the fencing was wet and therefore extremely heavy.

We were very pleased that William, Rachel and Anne joined us.
William was very good at digging holes, thank goodness because I hate it, especially at 2 feet deep. 

The first piece of fence seemed to take ages to get in.
After the hole was dug out, a water-proof sleeve was shrunken into place, with the aid of a blowtorch.
This will help to preserve the wood for longer.
The post is placed in the hole, then the hole is filled with water followed by quick-drying dry cement.
It is off in 10 minutes.
 We had a teabreak and shared Rachel`s birthday cake, made by Hollie, with green and pink Harry Potter style icing. 
It really set us up for the next session.

The sun shone but there was a bit of a cold wind.
Rachel was feeling it, as she is from Australia. 

Two more pieces went in. 
We were very pleased.

It looks brilliant.

I have saved several climbing plants to put in alongside.
Hopefully they will scramble over and clothe the fence in the future, adding a new dimension.

There is still quite a bit to go but we should get another morning at it tomorrow.
I hope the sun shines.

And many thanks to William, Rachel and Anne. 
A good morning`s work.

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